SOZEAL Asian Cuisine (Mandarin Chef)

Open 7 Days a Week

Mon-Thur: 11:00am-8:30pm
Fri-Sat: 11:00am-9:00pm
Sunday: 12:00noon-8:30pm

Delivery Fee Stared at $3

maximum mile: 6 mile

  • julias******* posted at 8/10/2023
    I have been ordering from here for a few years now. Tonight was the first time that the food was not good. Lots of unpleasantly greasy and salty food. Time to find a different restaurant.
  • stefan******* posted at 8/6/2023
    I’ll tell you what… ever since this place went under new management things have been going down hill. Extra sweet and sour sauce doesn’t mean 2 tiny to go cups. Put it in a container like you used to!
  • tes**** posted at 8/1/2023
    We’ve gotten takeout from here quite a few times and it’s been great! Tonight it was terrible! Sesame chicken soggy with no sauce, dry chicken wontons when we ordered crab wontons and flavorless lo-mein. Very disappointed really Eric.
  • to** posted at 12/9/2022
    tony lookin mad hot but he doenst want to be a doctor so he's a failure
  • kent***** posted at 6/5/2022
    Our food was fast, hot, and plentiful!  The flavors were well developed and quite tasty!  We have yet to ever have a bad meal!  We appreciate you!
  • kellyrh******** posted at 4/9/2022
    The food was not good tonight, and small portions. With the price increase and smaller portions, we will be using a different restaurant from now on. It used to be so good. Tonight’s meal was greasy and not good.
  • jcand****** posted at 3/13/2022
    Did you get my order? I have not received a confirmation email?
  • de*** posted at 7/16/2021
    Delivery is alway fast and the food arrived hot.  The hot and sour soup is superb.  Everything we ordered was excellent.  Highly recommend.
  • shoppi******* posted at 12/22/2020
    I love their Chinese Food. Their Mongolian Beef and dumplings are sooooo Good. I have to order to go here every week since i discover this place.
  • ste**** posted at 3/26/2020
    This place is the best. Supper yummy food and the quality of the food is amazing.
  • ariz**** posted at 8/25/2015
    O  M  G  !  !  !   Mandarin Chef is stunningly awesome! Their Mongolian Beef is the best I have ever had anywhere... when I used to order from some other Chinese restaurants, I found the craziest things in it! Zucchini! Corn! ?  They make the real deal with a rich and spicy sauce, beef, white and green onion. AND they serve it on authentic rice noodle (thin thin crispy white) which adds even more texture. I simply cannot more highly recommend this dish. Every time I have it, it shocks me how perfect it is! The beef is tender and the spice level is GREAT. The hot and sour soup here is vegetarian... no pork or shrimp (-just- how I like it) and the lunch specials are a bargain. My Mother has been very pleased as well. We ranked the following restaurants where we have eaten at very frequently... Mandarin Chef, Chen's and PF Changs... we decided that of these three restaurants, we rank Mandarin Chef
  • salt_l****** posted at 2/23/2015
    My husband and I relocated to AZ about a year ago and stumbled on this via YELP.  We have been ordering from them ever since.  There isn't a single dish that's not full of flavor.  The food isn't overly oily, the delivery is fast and prompt and the hot and sour soup is to die for.  The veggie spring rolls are light and crisp and full of flavor.  I have no complaints and will continue to order month after month!!!!  
  • dndo***** posted at 5/3/2014
    Ordered for delivery and was called about 15 minutes after I ordered and was told we were out of their delivery area and would receive a refund.  Funny, we got delivery last month when we had friends visiting.  They ran my card immediately and I'm wondering how long the refund will take.
  • mmari***** posted at 2/16/2014
    This Chinese restaurant is the best around in my opinion.  Everything my family has ordered  is outstandingly delicious.  I especially loved the orange chicken and pan fried noodles.